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Uses for Ionic Colloidal Silver

For household use, tap water can be used to make Ionic~Colloidal Silver.

Distilled water should be used for internal and personal use.

 Internal Use
For faster absorption use a dropper to squirt into the nose or spray with an atomizer. For eye drops, a small dropper bottle is handy.

Holding the silver solution under the tongue before swallowing also allows for faster absorption.

Topical Uses for Personal Care
• Wipe hearing aids and eyeglass frames.
• Add to foot baths.

• Sterilize tooth brushes.
• Soak/spray combs, brushes and loofas.
• Spray bath and shower mats.
• Spray on cosmetics.

• Rinse or spray vegetables, fruits, grains and meats before storing.
• When canning, add ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml) per quart (1 litre).
• Spray or rinse sprouts.
• Spray storage area, interior of refrigerator, lunch kits, garbage containers.
• Spray cutting boards, sponges and dish cloths.
• Add to dishwater.

Household Cleaning
• Add to cleaning solutions.
• Wipe telephone mouthpieces and head phones.
• Spray furnace and air conditioning filters after cleaning.
• Wipe air ducts and vents.
• Rinse toilet seats and bowls, sinks, tiling and doorknobs.
• Spray carpets, drapes, mattresses, furniture and window sills.

• Spray on band–aids.
• Spray on razor cuts.
• Spray on minor cuts as needed.
• Use for gargling to ease throat.

• Use in bath water.
• Feed directly by dropper, place in dish, or add to water dish.

• Spray in shoes.
• Mist clothes before storing.
• Spray in gloves.
• Spray watch bands.
• Add to rinse water of laundry—especially for diapers.

• Water and spray plants.

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