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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
Anatole France 
 ----- Please forgive us.  We have not kept this page current.  More puppies have been born; Bella no longer lives with us;  contact us and look at our current AD for more recent information.  

Our current AD

Current Moms:

Nikki (Nikita) daughter of Joy.  Silver/brindle.

Penny daughter of Angelique  Red/white.

Gloria from KanChanShihTzus, black/white.

Karma - our youngest, black/white.



Persephone's Puppy

  • Born: Nov 21, 2010
  • Sire:  CH Kan Chan's A Li'l Bit Prince Charmng  Photos   Pedigree
  • Dam:    Persephone (Sophie)
  • Litter: 1 female black/white

Joy's Puppies

  • Born: Sep 26, 2010
  • Sire:  CH Kan Chan's A Li'l Bit Prince Charmng  Photos   Pedigree
  • Dam:    Little Miss Holly (Joy)
  • Litter: 2 male (dk red)

Angelique's Puppies

  • Born: Sep 9, 2010
  • Sire:  Coloray
  • Dam:    Angelique (Angie)
  • Litter: 1 male (dk red)

Gypsy's Puppies

  • Born: Aug 22, 2010
  • Sire:  Coloray
  • Dam:    Gypsy Polly Rose
  • Litter: 1 female; 4 male (gold, gold/white, red/white)

Persephone's Puppies

  • Born: May 16, 2010
  • Sire:  Coloray
  • Dam:    Persephone (Sophie)
  • Litter: 2 female; 3 male

Angelique's Puppies

  • Born: Feb 14, 2010
  • Sire:  Coloray
  • Dam:  Angelique (Angie)
  • Litter: 3 male (1 red; 2 red/white) - ALL SOLD

Joy's Puppies

  • Born: Feb 6, 2010
  • Sire:  Coloray
  • Dam:  Little Miss Holly (Joy)
  • Litter: 3 male/1 female (2 brindle, 2 dark red) - 3 SOLD - 2 moved to Suffolk, VA and 1 male has joined the marines in North Carolina, 1 male will be joining our family

Gypsy's Puppies

  • Born: Jan 22, 2010
  • Sire:  Coloray
  • Dam:  Gypsy Polly Rose(Gypsy)
  • Litter: 3 male (gold - gold/red)

Arabella's Puppies

  • Born: February 27, 2009
  • Sire:  Gizmo
  • Dam:    Arabella (Bella)
  • Litter: 3 female; 3 male  (brown/white) - ALL SOLD

Joy's Puppies

  • Born: Nov 7, 2008
  • Sire:  Romeo
  • Dam:    Little Miss Holly (Joy)
  • Litter: 1 male - SOLD - now living in Virginia Beach

Persephone's Puppies

  • Born: Oct 30, 2008
  • Sire:  Romeo
  • Dam:    Persephone (Sophie)
  • Litter: 1 female; 1 male - both SOLD - now living in Virginia Beach

Arabella's Puppies

  • Born: August 12, 2008
  • Sire:  Gizmo
  • Dam:    Arabella (Bella)
  • Litter: 1 female; 1 male  (brown/white) - ALL SOLD - one in Virginia Beach; other in Ghent - Norfolk

Angelique's Puppies

  • Born: May 22, 2008
  • Sire:  Romeo
  • Dam:    Angelique (Angie)
  • Litter: 1 female; 3 male (3 red; 1 red/white) - ALL SOLD - red/white male, gold male, red female all living in Virginia Beach

Persephone's Puppies

  • Born: May 11, 2008
  • Sire:  Romeo
  • Dam:    Persephone (Sophie)
  • Litter: 4 female; 1 male (2 blk/white; 1 black; 2 chocolate) - ALL SOLD - one blk/white female  living in Virginia Beach; 1 chocolate female living in Norfolk (has joined the Navy); 1 black female & 1 chocoloate male living in Newport News; 1 female blk/white living in Chesapeake 

Joy's Puppies      (PEDIGREE)      (see Joy's old family - Balogh line)

  • Born: March 11, 2008             (Joy's grandparents from Rocky Hill)
  • Sire:  Romeo
  • Dam:    Little Miss Holly (Joy)
  • Litter: 2 female; 3 male (2 gold; 1 brindle; 2 gold/blk) - all puppies have gone to great homes - 3 in Virginia Beach and 2 in Suffolk

Persephone's Puppies

  • Born: April 30, 2007
  • Sire:  FooFee
  • Dam:    Persephone (Sophie)

Arabella's Puppies

  • Born: July 3, 2007
  • Sire:  Gizmo
  • Dam:    Arabella (Bella)


  Know your Shih-Tzu?

The Shih Tzu is being "discovered" as a fine companion dog. Less suspicious of strangers than his erstwhile cousin, the Lhasa Apso, he is vivacious and athletic for his small size, and very people-oriented. Full of confidence and self-importance, his arrogant carriage is described in the standard. His beautiful, flowing coat does require a fair amount of grooming to look its best. It is the hair that grows upward from the short nose that gives the Shih Tzu the "chrysanthemum" look described by the Orientals. In fact, the original standard issued by the Peking Kennel Club may have been the most descriptive in dogdom. Included in the requirements were a "lion head, bear torso, camel hoof, feather-duster tail, palm-leaf ear, rice teeth, pearly petal tongue and movement like a goldfish." Shih Tzus consider themselves extremely dignified, yet can be charming clowns.

 How big will my Shih Tzu be when he/she grows up?

Here is a rough calculation to estimate adult weight:
Girl:  Multiply her weight at 8 weeks old by 3.6.  Example:  your little girl was 3.1lbs at 8 weeks old.  She may top out at (3.1) * (3.6) = 11.2 lbs
Boy: Multiply his weight at 8 weeks old by 4.0.  Example:  your little boy was 3.8lbs at 8 weeks old.  He may top out at (3.5) * (4.0) = 14.0 lbs

Shih Tzu Breed Standard (CLICK HERE)

Learn more about Shih Tzus (CLICK HERE)

How much should I pay for a puppy? (Other ads - CLICK HERE)

Things to know before buying a dog (CLICK HERE)

Puppy Horoscope (CLICK HERE)

HOUSEBREAKING !!!! (Read this NOW)

Tidewater Kennel Club - Virginia Beach/ Hampton Roads & lots of info (CLICK HERE)

Puppy Purchase Info:

All of our Shih-Tzu puppies are priced for limited AKC registration. We would rather our puppies be family pets and have laps to lay in and arms to hold them. We try to keep our prices affordable, and between the range of $600 to $1500 depending on the gender, color, size, and pedigree of the puppy. Our puppies are bred for health, beauty, and loving dispositions. All of our parents have champion bloodlines, some thicker than others. All of our puppies have excellent health, wonderful personalities and are well socialized. Some of our puppies are show quality and full registration can be discussed. We produce high quality, purebred companion Shih-Tzu puppies.
On occasion, we may have unregistered puppies available at a lower price.
Puppies have their dew claws removed within a few days of birth.  They are wormed at 3 wks and 6 wks of age.  They receive their first shots at 6 wks.  Depending on how long they stay with us, they see the vet again at 9 wks (more shots and worming) and at 12 wks receive their first rabies shots.  Health records are sent home with the puppy along with a basic kit.
Sample Contract:
If you purchase a pet from us you will receive and agree with a contract similar to the following.  Minor tailoring depends on things such as the age of the pet, negotiated price, specific concerns based upon where the pet will reside, etc.
Pet guarantee:
  1. You must take dog to vet within 5 business days. If a problem exists, you must notify seller (Tricia Holben, 404-4419 or 468-0576) immediately and either exchange the dog, ask for a refund, or agree to not pursue action in the future.
  2. *Umbilical hernias and pinched nostrils are very common among the Shih Tzu breed and are not a life threatening condition, therefore are not bound by our contract. Shih Tzu puppies commonly snore, snort, sniffle or bubble. These symptoms are of no cause for concern if the nasal discharge is clear and the pup seems happy. When a puppy is teething these symptoms may increase. Pinched nostrils normally correct themselves as the pup matures.
  3. We do not guarantee puppies against umbilical hernias, pinched nostrils, retained testicles or hypoglycemia.
  4. Please choose a vet who is experienced and knowledgeable with the Shih Tzu breed.
  5. Dog visits to the Vet. These must be done on a regularly scheduled basis. Please speak with the vet about it. The dog had one worming at 6 weeks of age and had its initial puppy shot (see more info above). At your first visit, the vet will probably want to give the next set of shots. Please ask the vet about spaying or neutering. You will appreciate not having to deal with the problems of a sexually maturing dog. Also ask about regular flea treatments and heartworm prevention medication (the cost to treat this if it occurs is extremely high). 
  6. Your city may require dog licenses. There may be leash laws. There may be regulations about dog walking and waste cleanup. Your vet should be able to help with this information too.
  7. Dog must be groomed regularly. The hair in ears requires plucking. The hair on the nose may irritate the eyes so must be watched (if this is trimmed back, make sure it is retrimmed frequently). Dog may be cut short to prevent knots, but watch for sunburn. Talk to the vet about this issue.
  8. Dog training. A brochure to help has been provided. Please consider taking a structured class. To potty train the dog, it must be taken out immediately after awakening from sleep or a nap, after eating, after playing, etc.  We recommend that you spend 24X7 with the puppy the first few days until he/she knows what your expectations are.
  9. Dogs require companionship. Dogs who are left alone too much often develop problems with anxiety or “acting out”. Please consider a different type of pet if you won’t be able to spend time with the dog.
  10. Children can not be the primary caregiver for a pet. You may want them to take on this responsibility, but it is not a reasonable request and the pet will suffer. If an adult does not have time to take care of, play with and love this pet, please do not take the dog.
  11. Long term return policy: if at any time, you determine that the dog does not fit into your lifestyle OR you need to move OR you find yourself yelling at the dog, PLEASE contact me immediately. I will take back the dog and find it a good home. All monies paid will be refunded minus any expenses due to lack of upkeep of the dog. 
  12. Registration papers will be sent to you a few weeks after you take the dog home, if you bought a registered dog.
 ---------------------------------PEDIGREE INFO--------------------------------------------------------
Joy's Full (AKC registered) name:  Little Miss Holly Cha Ching - Silver Black mask
  Dad:  Balogh's Raffael  - Liver
        Dad:   Rocky Hill Cosmos - Gold
                      Dad:  Rondelay Belinda's Robert - Gold/Wht
                           Dad: Mysty Dai Stardust - Gold/wht
                                    Dad: CH Pinafore Minstrel OF Mandarin - Gold/wht
                                    Mom:Mysty Dai Shalimar Silver - Gold/wht
                           Mom: Mandarin Marigold O Rondolay - Gold/wht
                                    Dad: Mandarin's Marvin Of Tu Chu - Gold
                                    Mom: Mandarin's Midnight Rhapsody - Silver Gold/wht
                      Mom: Rocky Hill Cookie Blossoms - Gold
                              Dad: Rondelay Belinda's Robert - Gold/Wht
                                    Dad: Mysty Dai Stardust - Gold/wht
                                    Mom: Mandarin Marigold O Rondolay - Gold/wht
                              Mom: Rocky Hill Jen's Flower song - Gold Blk mask
                                     Dad: Rondelay Chow Po - Gold
                                     Mom: Rondelay Ti Liu Song - Gold
        Mom:  Rocky Hill Rainbow Zinnia - Brindle
                      Dad:  Rocky Hill Cosmos - Gold
                             Dad:  Rondelay Belinda's Robert - Gold/Wht
                                    Dad: Mysty Dai Stardust - Gold/wht
                                    Mom: Mandarin Marigold O Rondolay - Gold/wht
                             Mom: Rocky Hill Cookie Blossoms - Gold
                                    Dad: Rondelay Belinda's Robert - Gold/Wht
                                    Mom: Rocky Hill Jen's Flower song - Gold Blk mask
                      Mom:  Rocky Hill Tulip Tu - Brindle/Wht
                               Dad: Rocky Hill Sesame Snapdragon - Gold/wht
                                     Dad: Sesame's Shag-A-Lac Goldmine - Gold Blk mask
                                     Mom: Sesame's Sequoia Belle - Brindle/wht
                               Mom: Rondelay Tulip of Rocky Hill - Gold/wht
                                     Dad: Rondelay Chow Po - Gold
                                     Mom: Rondelay Gigi of Wintersky - Brindle/wht
  Mom: Baloghs Carmelle Delite - Gold Black mask
        Dad: Baloghs Sam Spade - Black
                      Dad: Midnight Bentley Foo-Kee - Black
                               Dad: McCrarey's Mac Kee Mo - Grizzle
                                       Dad: Stones Chu Wee - Silver Gold/wht
                                       Mom:Joni of Groovy Acres - Black/wht
                               Mom: Macey Lynn Cates - Gold/wht
                                        Dad: Rowdy of Ed-Don - Gold/wht
                                        Mom: Cookie of Ed-Don - Gold/wht
                      Mom:Joy XII - Black/wht
                               Dad: Mommy's Little Poo Poo - Gold/wht
                                       Dad: Willapeaks Tough Enough - Gold/wht
                                       Mom: Willapeaks Firey Felisha - Black/wht
                               Mom: Snyder's Christie - Gold/wht
                                       Dad: Mommy's Little Poo Poo - Gold/wht
                                       Mom: Ray Ling's Sweetie Pi - Brindle/wht
        Mom: Barbie's Huggie Bear - Gold/wht
                      Dad: Seng Fu Flashback - Black/wht
                               Dad: Seng Fu Ty One On Zalay
                                       Dad: Seng Fu' It'll Do - Silver/wht
                                       Mom: Lyons Ming Ho Lee - Gold/wht
                               Mom:Oreo Double Stuff of Iran - (Canada) Black/wht
                                       Dad: Beedoc's Earthquake - Gold/wht
                                       Mom:Zalay Ms Pep-Per - Canada - Conversion Default
                      Mom: Sweet Tuesday Dreams - Gold/wht
                               Dad: Seng Fu Ty One On Zalay - Gold/wht
                                       Dad: Seng Fu' It'll Do - Silver/wht
                                       Mom: Lyons Ming Ho Lee - Gold/wht
                               Mom: Gypsy Rose Oliver - Black/wht
                                       Dad: Chairman Manchu Ty White - Brindle/wht
                                       Mom: Madam Shu Ming White - Black              
RainBowWow's SHIH TZU'S
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  • 2904 Bald Eagle Bend
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23453
  • 757-468-0576 , 404-4419
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 Brindle Shih-Tzu and pups



Red Shih-Tzu female, AKC, Angelique



Brindle/silver Shih-Tzu, AKC, Joy



Black-white Shih-Tzu (liver), AKC, Gloria



Gold/black tips, AKC male Shih-Tzu, Coloray


Shih-tzu and puppies

Joy & her pups


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