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personality, mind, accidents, operations, inflammatory diseases, brain, face, head, face lifts, develop correct approach to life, diamond, iron, red  neck, throat, thyroid, recuperative powers, develop hidden talents, work on self esteem, lack of money or possessions, emerald, copper, orange shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, bronchials, thymus, breathing, oxygenation, early education, scientific knowledge, involvement with community, relatives, agate, mercury, purple stomach, breasts, nutrition, digestion, uterus, sickness in infancy, weak inner foundations, home, mother, pearl, silver, grey heart, back, spine, vitality, body heat, perspiration, organic complaints, poor recuperative power, real estate, new business, love affairs, children, gambling, blocks of creative self expression, ruby, sardonyx, gold intestines, bowels, duodenum, food assimilation, hands, body growth, good health, alcohol, drugs, hard work, minor ailments, hypochondria, sapphire, mercury, dk blue kidneys, ovaries, filtration of body fluids or urine, generative troubles, marriage, business partners, opal, copper, rose color nose, bladder, sex organs, adenoids, infection, elimination of body waste through bladder and bowels, deep seated diseases, death, taxes, inheritance, legacies, sharing with others, work relationships, boundary issues, using others resources, topaz, iron, deep yellow hips, thighs, muscles, sciatic nerve, motor nerve action, obesity, liver, blood issues, religion, college and higher education, dreams, visions, writing, religious fanaticism, intense involvement with inlaws, turquoise, tin knee, joints, skin, gall bladder, chilling and cold, rheumatism, father, teachers, employers, police, power trips, egotist, career and personal achievements, garnet, lead, dk green ankles, retina of eye, calves of legs, electricity of body, blood circulation, anemia, elimination of CO2 in breath, nervous disorders, strange accidents, incurable complaints, metaphysical, reincarnation, humanitarianism, name dropping, social butterfly, no deep relationships, no goal setting, amethyst, uranium, white feet, toes, lymph glands, sweat glands, mucous secretions, contagious diseases, drugs, alcohol, past lives, karma, soul growth, lawlessness, retreat from society, aquamarine, bloodstone, violet

We believe that all healing comes from God.  We believe that God wants us well.

We believe that God has given us everything that we need to be healthy and that the free will he gave us includes the will to be sick or to be healthy.  We believe that the ills and evils of this world hold battle in our minds, generating our illnesses and, through us, affecting others.  We believe that our spirits can overcome these evils and that this war is reflected in the energy field within and around us.  Please refer to the Energy page for more details.

    BioMedici Electromagnetic Pulser Therapy

Biomedici;- per Dr Bob Beck 



On this site we have tried to integrate the various vibrational energy sources in one location to facilitate intensive healing.  We make no claim that any person will find resolution to their difficulty by following any of these suggestions.  Instead, we ask you for feedback as to what you tried and how it worked for you.  All feedback will be kept strictly confidential but may be tabulated with similar feedback to support various research efforts.  Please refer to the Research page for more details.


How to use this site:

   Scroll your mouse over the color bar to see a short list of associations to each color.  As you progress along the line, you are seeing what is needed to balance a life – as reflected by the Rainbow which is filled with all the colors.  Self examination will enable you to determine which colors may be too faint or too strong in your personal rainbow.  Select a color at random and you will be taken to that color’s page.  There you will be questioned to determine if this color is out of balance for you and given balancing suggestions.



Our vision -

  • to introduce alternative healing methods
  • to provide non-toxic, environmentally safe solutions to common everyday problems
  • to faciliate personal analysis, individually tailored self improvement strategies, help find a path to a better and more balanced life

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Information on this site is provided for educational purposes only. It does not recommend self-diagnosis and treatment with any advertised products. Anyone experiencing health problems should consult with a health care professional before starting any new therapy. The author will not be held responsible for anyone using this information to treat themselves or others.

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*The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


*The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.