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9 Aug 2006    Pass The Fiber!
4 May 2006    Processed Foods, the LoCarb Myth, Fats and Weight Loss
Our processed and packaged food supply is inundated with artificial chemicals that give the junk foods flavor, color, sweetness, and a long shelf life. Over time, these chemicals build up in your body causing your body's nutritional system to become confused, clogged, and locked into fat-storing mode.
4 May 2006    Refined Coconut Oil vs Virgin Coconut Oil
Refined coconut oil and Virgin coconut oil are two distinctly different products. Virgin coconut oil used in a study conducted in the Yucatan showed that those who used the virgin coconut oil on a daily basis had a higher metabolic rate. Though they regularly consumed considerable quantities of the saturated fat, the participants retained a lean body mass. Another facet of the Yucatan study noted that the women participants did not suffer the typical symptoms of menopause.
3 May 2006    Confirming the Medicinal uses of Gold

Harvard Medical School researchers report in the February 27th, 2006 issue of Nature Chemical Biology that gold, platinum, and other classes of medicinal metals work by stripping bacteria and virus particles from the grasp of a key immune system protein.  "We were searching for a new drug to treat autoimmune diseases," says Brian DeDecker, PhD, “but instead we discovered a biochemical mechanism that may help explain how an old drug works."

26 Apr 2006    Ginger for Cancer?? Recipe for Ginger Mint Dressing
Ginger can kill ovarian cancer cells while the compound that makes peppers hot can shrink pancreatic tumors, researchers told a conference. Their studies add to a growing body of evidence that at least some popular spices might slow or prevent the growth of cancer.
18 Apr 2006    Alzheimer's Risk Lowered by Diet
Americans who ate a Mediterranean diet - lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, some fish and alcohol, and little dairy and meat - had a reduced risk for Alzheimer's disease as they aged, a study has shown.
31 Mar 2006    Scientists to tackle illness with 'silver nanobullet'
It has been known for some time that silver is highly toxic to a wide range of bacteria, and silver-based compounds have been used extensively in bactericidal applications. This property of silver has caused great interest especially as new resistant strains of bacteria have become a serious problem in public health.
18 Oct 2005    Silver Kills Virus, Study Finds
In the first-ever study of metal nanoparticles' interaction with HIV-1, silver nanoparticles of sizes 1-10nm attached to HIV-1 and prevented the virus from bonding to host cells. The study, published in the Journal of Nanotechnology, was a joint project between the University of Texas, Austin and Mexico Univeristy, Nuevo Leon.
7 Sep 1999    DOCKET NO. C-3898

Many claims have been made about magnetic healing.  Although many of them may be justified, the government sets a high standard with regard to letting anyone assert those claims.  This article is the actual disposition of a complaint by the FTC against a retailer appearing to be making claims.  It lists the details of many areas where magnetic therapy including magnetic water has been shown to be beneficial, but concludes that the claims are not justified.  Many of us in the alternative healing community disagree with this and many other decisions of the FTC.. 


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