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Bio-Medici Call to Action!
As most of you know, the manufacturer of the Bio-Medici retired recently and so new products have not been available.
Our community of patients and practitioners has felt this immensely and we feel compelled to try for a solution.
We have searched for a comparable product and not had much luck (still reviewing items, so please send any recommendations and we will look into them).
We are also pursuing a design and engineering initiative to develop something we feel will be as good and hopefully even better than the original product.  Partners to this venture are more than welcome.
A further consideration is collecting units (working or not) from customers who are willing to part with them.  We hope to be able to refurbish and re-sell at a substantial discount.  Some compensation may be available to those who are willing to part with a unit.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.
Contact info:   Tricia Dunaway   biomedici@yahoo.com    866.747.5751    757.404.4419
                2904 Bald Eagle Bend
                Virginia Beach, VA 23453  USA
Visit us at:  healingrainbows.com   or biomedici.net