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BioMedici Bulk Order
Special Orders and Referrals
Electromagnetic Field Therapy
with the BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulser

Affiliates - Referrral Bonus Program:

We will pay you $10 for any new customer who purchases a Biomedici. 

Choose the quantity of Bio-medici that you want to order, price is adjusted based on that quantity.

In the US, shipping should show as $20 for 5 - 10 units.  If it does not calculate properly, you may be contacted prior to shipping.

For details on the unit and its use, visit our Biomedici information page  CLICK 

1.  Call or email to get a code to use OR just have them mention your name.
  2.  They, or you, need to contact us to inform us - there is no place to enter that code when ordering.

SHIPPING --- NOTE ---  Some items will show a greater shipping amount than required.  Overpayments for shipping will be credited back to you, the customer.  Contact:  866.747.5751 or  Email

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