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Moon Luna Bracelet Set

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Moon Luna - Set of Two Unodomani Italian 18K Bracelets - The Unodomani collection is based on 'Quality'. Skilled craftsmen with decades of experience assure your are getting the finest link jewelry anywhere in the world. Unodomani Italian Link Bracelets are made of high quality stainless steel. This style features 12 (each) beads of 18K gold embedded around the outside of the bracelet. If you are looking for a high quality authentic Italian bracelet, Unodomani is what you're looking for. Why not add this beautiful Italian Link Bracelet & Necklace to your collection?

The 'UD Firenze Stainless Steel' stamp on the back insures you are getting an authentic Unodomani product. There are a lot of people selling Italian 'style' bracelets and necklaces and selling hundreds a day. These less expensive bracelets and necklaces are copies of the original designs. Although the design is similar the craftsmanship, quality and materials used are lacking.

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