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Magna-Flow Magnetic Fluid Conditioner/Fuel Saver

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MONEY SENSE -  Most people drive 20,000 miles per

year, on average. At an average of 20 miles per gallon you are using 1000 gallons of fuel per year. At $ 2.50 per gallon that equals $2500.00 per year.


If you were to buy and install a Magna-Flow fuel device priced at $79.00 which can save up to 10% and more in fuel, that equals $ 250.00 per year in savings. You save $181.00 in fuel costs in year one and $250.00 each year thereafter.



An advanced new design, the MAGNA-FLOW incorporates high-grade neodymium magnets in a unique bipolar, bi-axial method which produces powerful, resonating magnetic fields. This dynamic action is extremely effective and is designed to be used for all types of water treatments. The MAGNA-FLOW will produce a complete range of specific polarities for any condition desired. It can be applied on pipe sizes from 1/4" to at least 4" in diameter. Large pipe sizes will require multiple units.

Magna-Flow Satisfaction Guaranty - 180 days (6 months). Magna-Pak Inc., further warrants the quality of materials and workmanship for ten (10) full years.

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Read Testimonial

Magna-Flow Technical Information Sheet


Magna-Flow is a versatile new device for the magnetic treatment of fluids. A major advance from past designs, the Magna-Flow incorporates high-grade neodymium #35 alloy magnets in a bipolar, axial alignment. Using this powerful magnetic material in a unique new way the Magna-Flow produces powerful, focused, sharply reversing, magnetic fields. This dynamic magnetic resonance produces a significant impact on fluids or gas passing through the magnetic field of the device.This fluid treatment system is so unique it was awarded U.S. Patent # 4,995,425

The application of magnetic fields to treat hard water to eliminate scale build-up in pipes has long been known. Magnetically treated water is more soluble, which makes soap and detergents more effective. Magnetic devices are used in the oil industry to prevent sulphur and paraffin build up in crue oil pipelines. Much of the world's ocean shipping uses magnetic treatment on desalinizing equipment and salt water cooling systems to prevent the encrustation of salt.  The U.S. Department of Energy encourages the use of magnetic devices as a non-chemical alternative for the treatment of hard water scale. This was detailed in the recent Federal Technology Alert, "Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale and Harness Control".

Magnetic Resonance is the physical effect applied to the atoms of fluid as it passes from one magnetic field into the reverse magnetic field of the opposite polarity. This produces a resonating, polarizing effect on the atoms of hydrogen, oxygen and mineral in water and on the hydrocarbon atoms of fuel. This principal is similar to that used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In one of the major advances in diagnostic medicine, MRI uses the differing images produced by applying a strong magnetic field (60,000 times as strong as that of the Earth) on of the hydrogen atom in the body, to produce an image far superior to what had been possible before. (Medicine’s New Vision – National Geographic, January 1987)

Water - As water flows through the Magna-Flow, the dissolved mineral molecules are aligned in a uniform direction based on their polarity. In addition, water itself becomes more solvent as the magnetic field causes a reduced surface tension, which inhibits mineral from forming into hard crystals of scale. Further, the magnetized water will act to re-dissolve existing scale back into solution. The benefits are the reduction and/or elimination of the use of chemicals, reduced environmental pollution and reduced costs.

Using the Magna-Flow in individual and/or multiple sets it is possible to apply a complete selection of polarities and resonance factors on fluids and gasses. It can be utilized on pipe sizes from ¼” up to and exceeding 4” in diameter. These possibilities are detailed in the instruction sheets accompany the packaged product.

The instructions which accompany the Magna-Flow detail magnetic polarity lay-outs for the treatment of water used for de-scaling purposes, health purposes, irrigation and plant and animal growth.





*The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.