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Newbrite Laundry Powder

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Price: $17.90
Prod. Code: N5551

Provides a proprietary blend of enzymes, detergents, and oxygen-bleaching technology to safely, effectively brighten clothes and remove tough stains and odors.

This laundry powder is packed with intense cleaning power. One scoop in every load dissolves stains, dislodges dirt, and dismantles odors. Three detergents, four enzymes, and a special oxygen-based bleaching technology do the dirty work for you. At the end of the wash cycle, you get clothes without soap residue or fake perfume smells.

Not only does NewBrite™ Laundry Powder offer the best cleaning solutions for everyday laundry, but it also contains biodegradable ingredients. Compared to many mainstream detergents, NewBrite™ Laundry Powder features lower toxicity, biodegradation, and lower bioaccumulation.

For a small and medium loads use ½ (50g) to ¾(75g) scoop. For large loads use 1 scoop (100g)

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