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D-Toxarate, a dietary supplement to support cellular cleansing, is now formulated with potassium d-glucarate, making it Neways' premier cell protectant. In addition to promoting daily detoxification and elimination of chemicals, the new D-Toxarate incorporates the added benefit of cardiovascular health.

D-Toxarate supports the body at a cellular level from environmental factors that are encountered daily--pollution, toxins and chemicals. The ingredient d-glucarate gives added power to supporting the body in its maintenance of already healthy cholesterol levels, aiding heart and vascular function.

D-Toxarate is a nutrient-filled, dietary supplement formulated to promote detoxification and cell purification. D-Toxarate is similar to Neways' Cascading Revenol in that D-Toxarate scavenges free radicals; however, D-Toxarate goes beyond scavenging and is also effective in promoting detoxification.

D-Toxarate's new ingredient, potassium d-glucarate, replaces calcium d-glucarate as a revolutionary natural substance that provides the same cell protection properties as calcium d-glucarate--purging cells of toxins acquired through daily exposure to harmful environmental elements and chemical toxins--but, potassium d-glucarate also supports already healthy cholesterol levels and helps maintain overall cardiovascular health.

The human body faces a variety of chemical intrusions every day--car exhaust, smoke form industrial plants and polluted drinking water. Beyond these obvious sources of chemical exposure, we face a whole array of invisible sources, too. These invisible sources include the glue from new carpeting, insect sprays, synthetic fertilizers, processed foods, food packaging, plastics, gasoline...and the list goes one almost endlessly. The body faces low-level radiation from computer monitors, televisions, microwave ovens and cell phones. There is cigarette smoke, poor exercise habits and nutritionally lacking dietary habits. All these factors can wreak havoc on the way the cells in the body work.

So, how do you assess how much cellular support your body needs? Neways has put together a "Cellular Health Challenge" that may provide some hints. Exposure to sprayed fruits and vegetables, gasoline/petroleum fumes, pressboard construction, carpet pad glue is everywhere. What can you do? Provide your body with the best resources with which to combat toxic substances. Take the "Cellular Health Challenge" and then make any necessary adjustments.

Cellular defense. Cellular health is critical to longevity. Cells come under attack from a variety sources--pollution, tobacco smoke, chemicals seeping from plastics and paints, and toxins released in water, air, and food in the environment. D-Toxarate provides support as cells defend themselves from this constant assault to promote their health and your longevity.

Today, with a hundred-fold increase in petrochemicals and other toxins in foods and the environment, the liver has a challenging time doing its job properly. Modern-day chemicals hinder the action of glucoronic acid in the liver. Glucoronic acid can no longer adhere to toxins and carry them out of the body as easily as it once could.

The key ingredient in D-Toxarate is potassium d-glucarate, a natural nutrient that fights the adverse effects common pollutants (cigarette smoke, industrial pollution, lead-contaminated products and other toxins) have on healthy replicated cells. These harmful substances, along with free radicals, accumulate in the human body, building up in the cells, tissues and organs. D-Toxarate's highly effective ingredients help the body contend with many of these substances.

D-Toxarate is also formulated with Vitamin C to aid the body's immune defenses against high lead levels. Each day the body's natural detoxification processes, nourished with proper diets and supplements, try to keep cells healthy. Too often, years of exposure to common environmental hazards is more than the body and its cells can handle. Taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, D-Toxarate is a powerful ally for cellular health.

Consider the nutritional advantages of getting two major health benefits from one dietary supplement. Together, D-Toxarate's cellular cleansing and cardiovascular benefits can double the body's health potential. Consider potassium d-glucarate to help maintain already healthy levels of glucoronic acid in the liver.


* D-glucarate is a natural derivative of fruits and vegetables that permits the natural removal of harmful chemicals and molecules from cells. Potassium linked d-glucarate also supports maintenance of the kidneys, heart, brain, already healthy cholesterol levels, cardiovascular system and cellular cleansing.
* Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is an antioxidant that scavenges heavy metals and free radicals in the body.
* Fulvates protect and support cellular health by isolating components that can potentially harm the cellular structure and helping prepare them for excretion.


Supplements the body’s natural defenses at cellular level. Supports cellular cleansing and purging of environmental toxins and chemicals.
Enhances cardiovascular function.
Helps maintain already healthy cholesterol levels.
Works with the antioxidant Revenol to support against free radicals.

Help your cells defend themselves and discover the nutritional support the body deserves with Neways' reformulated D-Toxarate.



Take 2-4 capsules daily. (For optimal results, take 2 capsules twice daily.)

D-Toxarate is most effective in maintaining cell health when the supplement is begun in youth and continued throughout advanced age. For maximum results use in conjunction with Cascading Revenol.

Adults should take 2-4 capsules per day depending on the level of exposure to harmful environmental substances (e.g. cigarette smoke, industrial pollutants, lead-contaminated products, etc.).

Children over the age of two years may be given D-Toxarate. For children who cannot swallow a capsule whole, pull the capsule apart and mix in food or drink. For 1/2 capsule dose, pull capsule apart and separate contents in half. Reseal capsule to store second 1/2 dose.

As with any nutritional supplement, consult a health care provider prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Also, please store out of reach of children.


Ingredients (US version)

(Ingredients may not be listed in descending order (highest to lowest concentration) as they would appear on the product label.)

Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)
Potassium (as potassium hydrogen d-glucarate)

Stearic Acid

*The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.