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Young ones at home born May (Summer puppies) black/white, red, gold, black: $950 and up. payments possible




Black shih-tzu puppiesGold shih-tzu puppyBrown shih-tzu puppies

Shih-Tzu puppy Rainbowwow Red & white shih tzu puppyRed/white shih-tzu puppy rainbowwow



Champion sired shih-tzu puppy Rainbowwow  Shih-tzu puppies champion sired Virginia BeachRed with black shih-tzu puppyShih-tzu puppy gold/white virginia beach

  Another golden puppy

Golden boy  Mom and Dad

Dom Perignon  -  our black Persian, father of all kittens (a real stud!)

     One of his daughter's - born July 2009       


Ice Maiden (Maddie) (our blue/cream bicolor) and her kitties

       Priscilla (below) lives happily in Virginia Beach                   Yin-Yang is our little Zen boy


                                                 Owen (shown above with Yin-Yang) lives happily in Zuni, VA

Francesca (above) now lives happily in Hampton, VA

Persian kittens born June 25, 2008Persian kitten

Lisa (our Red tabby Persian)

Bella (our brown/white liver Shih-Tzu) and her family:


Sophie (our black/white Shih-Tzu) and her family

She and Romeo - see below-  presented us with a litter of puppies in May 2008. Her most recent little girl was sired by CH KAN CHANS A LI'L BIT PRINCE CHARMING  (see here) and will be available for adoption in Jan 2011.





Joy (our silver/black Shih-Tzu (she and Romeo - see below-  presented us with a litter of puppies born March 11, 2008)  Her most recent two puppies are sired by CH KAN CHANS A LI'L BIT PRINCE CHARMING  (see here)

Joy came to us from Michigan, where she was known as Little Miss Holly Cha-Ching

 Shih Tzu puppy march 2008 Shih tzu puppy March 2008 Shih Tzu puppy March 2008  


Angie (our red Shih-Tzu) came to us from Ohio (Zhen-Bao Shih Tzus)

(Newest litter Jun 24, 2012) One of her newest puppies is dark red like her mom!




Our Big Dogs help keep us safe and teach us to respect large dogs.

Salem is our black Chow mix.  Oliver (Ollie) is our chocolate lab mix.

Our friends:

Romeo became our friend a few years ago and fathered many of our babies.

He is owned by Kan Chan Shih Tzu's (email: KanChanShihTzus@aol.com  phone: (757)305-8580)



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