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It's a fact: All major organs and nerves throughout the body end in the nerve endings underneath your feet. According to the principles of Foot Reflexology, massaging your feet stimulates all the nerve endings and pressure points in your feet, thus creating a soothing effect that actually relieves pain and discomfort in your other extremities and torso.


Other views of foot pain.

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Other views of Foot Pain

Could you have an imbalance of your Root Chakra?

If you notice any of these other issues, which also indicate Root Chakra problems, then you might try a Chakra healing:

  1. Excessive worrying
  2. Lack of confidence in life and the future & meeting obligations
  3. Little feeling of connection with nature
  4. Feeling disconnected from your body
  5. Feeling uncomfortable when in motion
  6. Excessive egotism or lack of self-control (especially of emotions)
  7. Issues with elimination (large intestine or colon)
  8. Problems with teeth and/or nails or back pain
  9. Greater than normal allergic reactions
  10. Problems dealing with stress; easily overwhelmed by life
  11. Chronically tired; lacking energy; not exercising
  12. Often feel cold; cold hands and/or feet

Root Chakra healing:

Here are a few techniques to try.  A good handbook on Chakra healing can provide many more.

  1. Add a couple of drops of an essential oil to your footbath – cloves, rosemary, cypress or cedar.
  2. Take a rosemary bath twice a week:  one tablespoon of rosemary with four ounces of cream (mix into warm bath water and enjoy)
  3. Prepare and drink a healing tea with valerian or lime blossoms or elder blossoms.
  4. Wear a gold chain with a healing stone: ruby, hematite or garnet.  Try each to see if one works better for you.  Or carry the stone and touch frequently during day.
  5. Spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Be barefoot often.
  6. Massage your feet daily.  Knead the soles forcefully.
  7. Wear red clothing.  Find ways to include red in your environment (fabrics, flowers).
  8. Learn to play the drums.  Listen to rhythmic music.





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