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If you're here, its a good assumption that you need more money, are having trouble making ends meet, or are concerned about someone else in such a situation.


Our first two suggestions are the most powerful things you can do to improve the situation.  First, if you are a person of faith, even if it seems faint, you need to lock into that faith and realize that God wants all his people (that includes YOU) to be well and have prosperity.  There is no reason that Satan's people should have better lives - when we don't reach for and claim our rights, we are not showing the world how great & good God is.  For help with this, look at our HealingPrayer page and the Spiritual Growth CDs on our Hypnotherapy page. You might want to read the HealingThoughts page as well.

Our second suggestion is for you to tackle your own personal attitudes and habits to either understand better what is keeping you from great success or to simply attack across the board.  Many of our hypnotherapy CDs may help your situation, but the Creating Abundance script directly targets it.

In place of either of the above  suggestions,  you might consider using these principles to create affirmations or a script for yourself.  The basics should include:

  • the world is full of abundance for all
  • you "having" does not take away from anyone else
  • you know that you must give willingly & lovingly to others to keep the cycle going
  • that you have good judgment (inner wisdom) to know when an expense is not appropriate (extravagent or a bad investment, for example)
  • that you hear the inner  voice within you and trust it and allow it to stop you from taking foolish steps
  • when good opportunities present themselves, you are quick to notice them, see their value and see how they can work for you
  • when you meet new people, you are immediately able to find something in common, to feel comfortable with them and loving toward them, and others respond to you positively
  • when you sell a product, your customers can tell that you sincerely want to help them and you find it easy to express your enthusiasm in a supportive, non-threatening manner

Saving Money

  • Health Care - if insurance costs too much, consider a discounted, fee-for-service plan.  Here is a good one:  CLICK HERE
  • Dental Care - a discount plan for dental care can allow you to afford many things not covered by dental insurance (braces, whitening, etc).  Read about a good plan: CLICK HERE
  • Cash for Notes - if you sold property and provided part of the financing yourself, or otherwise have a legal document where someone owes you money which they are paying over time, it might be better for you to "cash in" the note.  You would have the cash now to invest or pay off high-interest debt.  "Cashing in" gets you less than the face value of the note, but in the long term you probably save.  (see below) Get an analysis of your situation here:  CLICK HERE.
  • Discount Online Shopping Mall  See partial list of stores Join as a Shopper Member
  • Save on name brand groceries without coupons CLICK HERE
  • Save on movies, tv shows, MP3 - downloads CLICK HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE
  • Reduce travel costs CLICK HERE

Making Money 

Many people are trying to make money on the Internet.  The majority are focusing on selling tools and services to OTHER people trying to make money on the Internet.  Sounds like a vicious circle?  The proportion of new businesses that start up in your town and then fail in the first year is high but even higher on the Internet.  BUT, the costs to start (and thereby the amount you have at risk) is usually much lower.

Success is often found by combining techniques.  If you have an actual store or business (brick and mortar), you have a great starting place.  Add an online version and then start adding business opportunities to it.  If not, find a niche, build an online store and then add to it.  Some of the ideas below may help you find a niche for yourself.

  • Referrals (mortgage, etc)
    • Commissions paid on new mortgage loans and refinances usually range between $1000 and $10,000 (depending upon the state, size of loan, credit worthiness of the persons getting the loan, etc).  We can help you receive 25% of these commissions for helping an application form be completed.  Can you find one person a month who needs a mortgage? or more than one person per month?  You do the math.  Email or call us for a bettter understanding of this.
    • We can help you become a financial solutions expert but be making money while learning.  Want to learn more?  Email or call.

                                           •   Executive Incomes   •   Time for Family
        •   Personal growth   •   Recreation & travel


  • Become a Waiora distributor                    (click here to sign up)
    • Imagine how easy it would be to build a business with the exclusive world-wide marketing rights to a product backed by a U.S. Patent that could safely REMOVE heavy metals and toxins from the body, support a healthy immune system and help balance the pH levels in your body...That product exists... it is an activated liquid cellular zeolite!
    • And we're the only ones that have it! The zeolite's honeycomb-like framework of cavities and channels (like cages) works at the cellular level trapping heavy metals and toxins, removing them safely and naturally from your system. Ask yourself, who do you know that could benefit from this product? This is a product that EVERYONE should use. This is most important supplement you'll ever take! And this outstanding and unique product is fuelling a lucrative home based business. Achieve your dreams with financial freedom. With our Company and our Team, you'll get....
    • Incredible timing. The Company has just surpassed $4 million in monthly sales, and is almost three years old (1500% growth in last year). 
    • Equity program. The Company has in place an equity program that allows you to earn part ownership of this exploding company. Imagine what that will be worth in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?
    • Successful and proven leadership. Work with top leaders that have built this Company from the beginning. Listen to this recording (24x7): 973-854-2562 (Options 1, 2 or 3)  or 212-461-9061, then call me to talk!  If anyone asks for a referral id, use this:  145089
  • Provide discounts and coupons for major stores (DHS Club)
    • DHS Club is an international buyers club.  DHS Club has an online shopping mall where you can purchase a variety of items, or for those looking to earn an income from home, DHS Club offers the opportunity of becoming a VIP member earning commissions.
    • Join for Free!  Join as an associate member.
  • Refer customers needing dental or health care discounts:  Earn $15, $35, $72, $100 (at signup) per person and/or a monthly stipend of $4 -$15 per person who decides to use our discount plans.  Be a Benefits Consultant or Team Trainer.  Click Here for details.  Get Paid Daily!


  • Join our team as an associate at no cost and get paid for the following actions:
    • Deliver flyers to homes or stacks of flyers to businesses
    • Call small businesses to set appointments
    Start A Business
    Child Daycare    CLK 

    Baby Newspaper      CLK 

    Catering                    CLK
    Dog Food Biz     CLK Sell Jewelry              CLK Jewelry Party Biz     CLK
    Write Novel        CLK Quilt Shop                 CLK  Start a Ministry        CLK

    Ways to promote business opportunities online:

    Visitor Exchange  sign up for free

    See more on our Resources page (click here).

    Cash Out Now!

    Right now, thousands of people across North America are stuck with investments that they don't want. They would rather have the cash now! Whether it's a real estate note created when selling a property, a business note created when selling a business or even a structured settlement, there are thousands of notes out there that could be turned into cash!

    We can help!            Get an analysis of your situation here:  CLICK HERE.

    We are premier cash flow specialists who work with private individuals to liquidate their cash flows. Specialties include...

    • Real Estate Notes
    • Business Notes
    • Structured Settlements
    • Viaticals
    • Bankruptcy Cash Outs 

    Repeat some or all of these phrases periodically throughout your day. Get into a relaxed and receptive frame of mind (sit quietly and still your body). Also repeat these just before going to sleep at bedtime and first thing on waking.

    It is my God-given birthright to be rich.

    I am here to express the fullness of life in every way and to lead a happy, joyous and glorious life – the life more abundant.

    Infinite riches are all around me. The treasure house of infinity is within my own subconscious depths. Therein is everything I need – money, friends, helpers, a lovely home, beauty, companionship, good health, and all the blessings of life.

    Today is God’s day. I choose harmony, success, prosperity, abundance, security and Divine right action. Infinite intelligence reveals to me better ways to give greater service. I am a mental and spiritual magnet, irresistibly attracting to me men and women who are blessed, comforted and satisfied with my counsel and decisions on their behalf. I am divinely guided all day long, and whatever I do will prosper. Divine justice and Divine law and order govern all my undertakings, and whatever I begin will result in success. I know the law of my mind and I am fully aware that all these truths I am reiterating are now sinking into my subconscious mind and they will come forth after their kind. It is wonderful.

    I am a child of the Infinite, and His riches flow to me freely, joyously and endlessly. I am enriched in all ways with happiness, peace, wealth, success, and outstanding sales. I am now stirring up the riches of my deeper mind, and rich results follow. I know I shall reap what I sow, for it is written: Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; and the light shall shine upon thy ways. (Job 22:28)


    solutions allowing you to be in control of your own mind.

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    EBooks for Achieving Financial Success on the Internet

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    Buying Leads Online - this is the only source we have found reliable for potential business partners.

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