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Healing of the Home includes many of the other areas & new ones:

air:  use ionizers and filters to remove allergens and toxins


- water: use fountains and ponds for stress relief; use magnets and filters for purification


- laundry: use environmentally safe products - safe for your family too 

Enzymatic Laundry PowderSpot Pre-Wash

- pets: chemically safe detangler, shampoo and nutritional supplements (cats, dogs, horses); pet safe fertilizers, pet safe insect control, magnetic collars, magnetic pads (therapeutic for aged and injured animals - water proof) 

Pet pad, magnetic Pet collar, magnetic

- TV: ever worried about the safety of your television? Old style TVs are extremely dangerous if dropped or knocked over (weight, high voltage, glass from CRT implosions) or if children play near the back. The price on LCD or plasma TVs has dropped considerably, so consider one now.

Initial DTV-172 - 17 Inch Widescreen LCD HDTV Monitor with built in DVD Player

- plants: safer nutritional supplements and fertilizers

- computers:  they continue to grow more energy efficient and to have reduced emissions Toshiba - Toshibadirect.com  

- color: use strategically to achieve emotional balance and to promote productivity & success.  Colors have the power to change your outlook as well as your home. The choices you make for walls, trim, accents, and accessories can set the mood - whether it be soothing, calming, revitalizing, or energizing!

   In general (look at our HealingColors page for disclaimers):

  • Blue - The soothing color of sky and sea. It can work practically anywhere.
  • Green - The color of outdoors. It is restful, tranquil, and peaceful.
  • Reds - A warm color, shades of red encourage appetite, making it a favorite of fast food restaurants!
  • Yellow - Another warm color, it also encourages appetite. Ideal for kitchens, breakfast rooms, sun porches and living rooms.
  • Purple - A rich, royal color that's gained popularity in recent years.
  • Brown - A warm, cozy color perfect for the family room or den.
  • Pinks, Pastels - A soothing, calm color effective in hospitals, nurseries, or bathrooms.

Smarthome, Inc. Smarthome, Inc. Magic Cabin Back-to-School Smarthome, Inc.

Smarthome, Inc.

Consider incorporating some of the following:

Install a pond in your yard.       Cascading pond


Convert your household products:

Neways Newbrite™ line offers a wide range of cleaning products made with environmentally friendly and biodegradable formulas. These products produce highly effective results without the use of harsh chemicals found in many mainstream brands. Optimize your cleaning simplicity with Newbrite™.   Products include:   Sparkle Bathroom & Tile Cleaner, Guardian Detergent & Disinfectant, Radicate - super cleaner, Hand Dish Soap, Liquid Laundry Detergent, Glass & Window Cleaner, Air Freshener & Deodorizer (with essential oils), spot pre-wash and laundry powder.




External references for more information:


Pet Herbal Remedies - visit Chinaroad

Magnetic wraps

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Infra-red therapy

Color therapy




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