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personality, mind, accidents, operations, inflammatory diseases, brain, face, head, face lifts, develop correct approach to life, diamond, iron, red  neck, throat, thyroid, recuperative powers, develop hidden talents, work on self esteem, lack of money or possessions, emerald, copper, orange shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, bronchials, thymus, breathing, oxygenation, early education, scientific knowledge, involvement with community, relatives, agate, mercury, purple stomach, breasts, nutrition, digestion, uterus, sickness in infancy, weak inner foundations, home, mother, pearl, silver, grey heart, back, spine, vitality, body heat, perspiration, organic complaints, poor recuperative power, real estate, new business, love affairs, children, gambling, blocks of creative self expression, ruby, sardonyx, gold intestines, bowels, duodenum, food assimilation, hands, body growth, good health, alcohol, drugs, hard work, minor ailments, hypochondria, sapphire, mercury, dk blue kidneys, ovaries, filtration of body fluids or urine, generative troubles, marriage, business partners, opal, copper, rose color nose, bladder, sex organs, adenoids, infection, elimination of body waste through bladder and bowels, deep seated diseases, death, taxes, inheritance, legacies, sharing with others, work relationships, boundary issues, using others resources, topaz, iron, deep yellow hips, thighs, muscles, sciatic nerve, motor nerve action, obesity, liver, blood issues, religion, college and higher education, dreams, visions, writing, religious fanaticism, intense involvement with inlaws, turquoise, tin knee, joints, skin, gall bladder, chilling and cold, rheumatism, father, teachers, employers, police, power trips, egotist, career and personal achievements, garnet, lead, dk green ankles, retina of eye, calves of legs, electricity of body, blood circulation, anemia, elimination of CO2 in breath, nervous disorders, strange accidents, incurable complaints, metaphysical, reincarnation, humanitarianism, name dropping, social butterfly, no deep relationships, no goal setting, amethyst, uranium, white feet, toes, lymph glands, sweat glands, mucous secretions, contagious diseases, drugs, alcohol, past lives, karma, soul growth, lawlessness, retreat from society, aquamarine, bloodstone, violet

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 Having issues with:  neck, throat, thyroid, recuperative powers, hidden talents that need to be developed, working on your self esteem, lack of money or possessions?  Consider the color orange and associated gems & minerals such as amber, emerald and copper.

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Corresponds to belly/spleen chakra


Positive effects-

©      Too much Orange energy can lead to overeating, being ruled by one’s emotions, chaotic unfocused creativity.

©      Too little Orange energy can lead to lack of appetite, lack of creativity, not being able to feel any emotions, having the doldrums, and or depression.


Orange is a very juicy, sweet, and inviting color that often times stimulates hunger. The energy of the color orange stimulates creativity and houses the emotions (energy in motion). The energy of the color orange can help someone, who is not in touch with their emotions, be able to reunite with their emotional energy. Orange energy will help one “kick it up a notch”. It will help one shift gears and get out of a creative block or slump. It will also restore vigor to one’s life and one’s outlook or perspective on life.

Orange is a great color to wear when one wants to get more creative energy, to increase emotional feelings, and practice clairsentience (receiving intuitions one gets from feeling energy in one’s surroundings). One can also wear orange tinted glasses, surround one’s self with orange, eat orange foods, or drink water infused with orange. To infuse water with the orange energy one can put water in an orange tinted translucent glass and expose it to the sun, or put an orange color stone or gem in the water and set it in the sun. About 1 hour of sun exposure is all that is needed to get a thorough infusion.

Enjoy this wonderful creative energy - find a positive way to express it and share it with the world! Dance, sing, paint, write, etc. Just get up and do it!



Amber has the power to draw disease from the body.  It is beneficial to place pieces of Amber over any area of the body that is imbalanced or in pain.  Amber can absorb the negative energy and help the body to heal itself. In healing, Amber is mostly used for its brilliant golden color reflection.  By placing Amber over the area of internal organs, these tissues can be revitalized.  The gold-orange color is associated with the Navel Chakra and the grounding of energies into the physical body.

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