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The Egyptians and later the Greeks and Romans enjoyed the beauty of water gardens as a method of enhancing buildings with reflecting ponds containing lilies, iris, papyrus and other water plants. These ponds were also used in their home gardens as areas of meditation. So today the addition of a water garden can give movement to an otherwise static garden while the sight and sound of it can relax and soothe the trouble mind.

Moving or still, water immediately becomes the focal point of your garden. It draws the eye with its changing reflections by creating a mirror for flowers, leaves and sky, while at the same time enticing the viewer with the movement of fish and exotic aquatic plants.

By combining pond fountains and waterfalls you can easily create a unique water garden. The most difficult part is taking the first step, a step which can be easily overcome with clear pond products at your side.

Everything you need for your water garden or pond:

• environmentally friendly and seasonal water treatments
• pond cleaners
• pond kits
• pond nets
• pond filters
• pond repair kits
• water fountains
• barley straw

Due to changes at the manufacturer, the pond products cannot be ordered directly from our site any longer.
Try reaching out to our friends at thepondguy.com
Some products may be ordered online at a link which will be valid for a few more months.

Some of the BEST water treatment products on the market today:

Quick Fix

A Non-Hazardous and safe treatment

Our new Quick Fix formula uses the power of oxygen to safely, quickly and efficiently clear-up your pond in minutes

• Starts working immediately to clean pond water
• Clears Debris from Rocks and Waterfalls

Quick Fix works through a powerful oxidation reaction. Quick Fix contains enzymes which help prevent build up of debris on rocks and walls. It reacts with natural elements in the pond to oxidize and detoxify a broad range of organic and inorganic waste and other unwanted debris. Quick Fix adds 13% oxygen to the water and the benefits last for hours. Oxygen also sweetens the water and helps prevent anaerobic conditions that lead to production of foul smelling sulfides. Quick Fix biodegrades completely into water and carbon and therefore is safe to use with fish or animals.

Clear as Crystal

Keeps water clear and clean for up to 3 months!

• Clears Dirty and Cloudy Water
• Reduces Toxic Levels of Ammonia
• Increases Oxygen Content in the Water
• Contains Essential Minerals to Keep Fish Healthy and Their Colors Bright
• Balances pH

Clear as Crystal is a natural pond cleanser. When used in a pond it will slowly clear cloudy or dirty water and keep ponds crystal clear for up to 3 months.

Clear as Crystal is a unique form of Laumontite Crystal, Calcium Aluminum Silicate and when placed into pond water, produces oxygen, balances pH, purifies water through an ion exchange process, reducing toxic levels of ammonia, contains essential minerals that are utilized by the fish to keep them healthy and their color bright and will keep your pond clean and Clear as Crystal.

Clear Pond Liquid

Clear Pond - BSL Formula contains live beneficial bacteria and has been enhanced and patented to keep fish ponds clean, clear and healthy.

Clear Pond is completely natural and beneficial to pond life, it is 100% environmentally safe, non pathogenic, and nontoxic.

Clear Pond eliminates foul odors, it doesn't have one.

Clear Pond works in a wide range of pH and is effective in helping nature keep pond water clean and clear. It breaks down sludge that usually builds up at the pond bottom and helps to control build up of wild life waste.

Clear Pond promotes fish health through its new probiotic formulation of bacteria and thereby help to protect fish against disease.

Clear Pond is especially good at seeding and maintaining biological filters when used on a regular basis. Clear Pond functions in water temperatures under 55°F and over 90°F.

Bio Surge D (6 Pack)
Item #20108

A dry microbiotic formulation, these super bacteria multiply rapidly controlling their environment by a process known as "competitive displacement" and thereby outperforming disease-bearing pathogens (bad bacteria) growing within the pond. They also biodegrade sludge and organic waste. Available in one-ounce packets that dissolve in pond water and are fast acting.

Each packet treats up to 1000 gallons.

Activated Carbon
Item #20116

5 pound bag, 5 cups for every 100 gallons

Superior to charcoal this carbon is specially designed and formulated for use in ponds to remove toxic organic waste, chloramines, chlorine, clear discolored water, and remove foul odors.

Pond Salt
Item #30100
3 pound jar, treats 300 gallons

Nature's medicine, 100% natural sea salt. Adds necessary electrolytes, reduces stress and promotes recovery of fish from disease, also improves gill function.

Blade Runner
Item #30105
Non-toxic pesticide

Blade Runner was created to protect water plants from insects. Created by nature 30 million years ago, Blade Runner is composed of tiny silica shells that cut insects. It is extremely safe for fish and plants.

pH Increaser and pH Decreaser

Sometimes water's pH is affected by debris, tap water or well water. High or low pH can have a harmful effect on fish, that's why we developed our pH Increaser and pH Decreaser.


Chloramine Buster

Chloramine Buster is a specially developed compound that cleanses tap water of the chemicals added by cities which have proven to be deadly to aquatic life.

Crystal Lagoon

Crystal Lagoon clears cloudy water caused by algae, dirt, bacteria and other organic material and removes metals. Most importantly it is safe, natural, and so biodegradable it is actually good for the environment.




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