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Magnetic Therapy

  • Magnetic therapy is a natural method used to relieve pain, restore energy and enhance sleep (testimonials include: reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, prevent or reverse infection, promote metabolic processing of toxins and support the healing process)
  • Magnetic therapy is thousands of years old, yet holds great promise for the future as our population ages and the cost of traditional health care spirals upward.
  • Magnetic therapy will become important for reasons of its simplicity, effectiveness and economy.
  • Magnets have been scientifically proven to enable the body to regain its self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally.


Strong evidence suggests that magnetic therapy may help to: 

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Restore natural energy
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Prevent or reverse infection
  • Promote metabolic processing of toxins
  • Support the healing process


Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive treatment method with a very high success rate in the prevention and treatment of chronic ailments.

Magnetic therapy utilizes the natural energy of magnetism that is important to human existence and overall health. A magnetic field provides a (natural) way to assist the body’s normal healing processes as it passes through all tissues and cells. Studies show that magnets can be an effective therapy for the relief of pain by blocking pain sensations. Applying magnetic fields to an injured area improves blood flow and oxygen to enhance the body’s natural healing process. The improved blood flow and fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Detailed reference:  U.S. Dept of Energy

See video about Dr Bob Beck protocol.

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 Magnetic Pulser -  has been said to neutralize pathogens.

Individuals have testified to using a magnetic pulse generator on tumors, lymph, teeth and organs and support the effectiveness of providing the body with both microcurrents and magnetic therapy. Many research studies on pulsed magnetic fields indicate they are effective in many cases to

improve circulation,
accelerate tissue regeneration,
regulate the nervous system,
reduce inflammation and
relieve pain.

Studies in the US indicate pulsed magnetic fields may help speed the healing of fractures and have proved effective in fractures that would not otherwise heal.

Static magnets as a health therapy have gained in credibility and use over the years. The healing power of magnets is well accepted in natural health circles throughout the world. With the use of static magnets, the north pole (south-seeking pole) of the magnet has different effects than the south pole. North pole therapy is generally described as "contracting, healing, alkalizing" while south pole therapy is described as "stimulating."

Pulsed magnetic fields have proven to help by increasing oxygen in the cells, improving cell metabolism and enhancing mineral exchange. Studies indicate these benefits have helped individuals overcome heart, lung, gastrointestinal, rheumatic and skin diseases as well as overcoming infections and improving immunity. In short, there are many benefits from the use of a magnetic pulse generator.

Pulsed magnetic fields, in addition to the healing qualities of static magnets, produce microcurrents of electricity in body cells and tissue. This was the purpose in the development of a magnetic pulse generator for health. The research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the many patents filed proved the effectiveness of microcurrents to neutralize pathogens in blood and water. Research indicated that blood electrification would not reach pathogens hiding in lymph nodes or other areas of the body that are not rich in blood. They also realized a system to create microcurrents in specific organs or tissues of the body would help speed the process of neutralizing pathogens and thus help strengthen the immune system.

It is reported that NASA uses pulsed magnetic therapy on astronauts. They find when people are in space travel, the lack of a magnetic field, can produce negative effects.


Clinical trials

Arthritic Pain

In 1997, Dr. Carlos Valbona of the Baylor College of Medicine, published a study that reported:

76% success rate. 76% of treated patients using permanent magnets reported a decrease in arthritic joint and muscle pain VS: 19% of placebo patients.


Diabetic Foot Pain:

In 1999, Dr. Michael Weintraub of New York Medical College, released a study that showed a significant rate of reduction in foot pain that afflicts millions of diabetics.  90% success rate. Using magnetic insoles, nine out of ten diabetics reported a decrease in painful burning sensations, numbness and tingling VS. Only 22% reporting improvement in the placebo group.

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Testimonials about our Magnetic products.

Magnetic Drinking Water

Electro-Clear Water Treatments

Electro-Clear provides electronically conditioned water with reduced hard water scale, increased water flow, a reduction in heating costs, and reduced stains on plumbing fixtures while simultaneously making soap work better and reducing harmful additives to the environment.

Magna-Flow Water Treatments

An advanced new design, the MAGNA-FLOW incorporates high-grade neodymium magnets in a unique bipolar, bi-axial method which produces powerful, resonating magnetic fields. This dynamic action is extremely effective and is designed to be used for all types of water treatments. The MAGNA-FLOW will produce a complete range of specific polarities for any condition desired. It can be applied on pipe sizes from 1/4" to at least 4" in diameter. Large pipe sizes will require multiple units.

Magna-Flow Fuel Treatments

Spot Magnets

Magna Pad

Magnetic Supports and Warmers - Arthritic Pain:  In 1997, Dr. Carlos Valbona of the Baylor College of Medicine, published a study that reported 76% of treated patients using permanent magnets reported a decrease in arthritic joint and muscle pain compared to 19% of placebo patients.

South Pole Magnetic Insoles

Magnetic Insoles - Diabetic Foot Pain: Dr. Michael Weintraub of New York Medical College released a study that showed a significant rate of reduction in foot pain that afflicts millions of diabetics. Using magnetic insoles, nine out of ten diabetics reported a decrease in painful burning sensations, numbness and tingling compared to 22% reporting improvement in the placebo group.

Magnetic Black-Onyx Necklace

Magnetic Bracelet - Magnaband Ultra



  Dr Bob Beck Bio/Obit

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Magnetic Therapy Today - Today in Japan and other Asian countries, therapeutic magnets are licensed as medical devices. Magnetic therapy has found favor in Australia, Russia and many European countries, especially Germany where medical insurance covers some of the costs. Contemporary western medicine uses magnetic energy for diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and, as a method to accelerate the healing of bone fractures. Magnetic therapy is becoming increasingly popular among progressive health care practitioners, veterinarians and professional athletes as well as the general population.  It is a fact our population is aging and the cost of traditional health care is spiraling upward. magnetic therapy, for reasons of simplicity, effectiveness and economy, will become an important form of alternative therapy in the future.

According to the World Health Organization the type and Gauss strength of magnets used in magnetic therapy offer no health hazard. Consult your health care professional before using any new type of therapy. Most magnetic products carry warning labels indicating the following:

Do not use magnets or magnetic therapy if using a pacemaker, implanted medical device or insulin pump as they may interfere with the delicate electronic equipment. Magnetic products are not recommended for use during pregnancy. They are not proven beneficial nor detrimental. Be on the safe side, do not use. Keep magnetic products at least six inches away from objects such as credit cards, computers, diskettes, audio and videotapes, and similar items, as loss of data may result.

 Excerpts from - MAGNETIC THERAPY - A Factual Guide for Consumers © ISBN - 0-9681900-1-4  © 2000


Magnetic Neck Brace




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