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Devices for:  acupuncture/acupressure, stop snoring, test water quality, massage, foot bath, hearing amplifier, air purification, HEPA cleaning, thermometer, showers, bug trapping, room heating, clothes cleaning, exercise, weighing, TV, sound recording. Indoor fountains, massage chair, moisturizer, rainbow jewelry.

Product page 2 (magnetics)

Magnetics:  jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings), braces, insoles, spot-disk-strip-block magnets, wraps & warmers, eye glasses, face masks, pet pads & collars, acupressure magnets.  LED technology, LightWorks. Devices for: water cleansing, fuel cleansing, bp monitoring, thermometer, ffat analyzer, acupuncture, magnetic pulser, silver colloidal generation, bio tuning, first aid. Sota Instruments products.

Product page 3 (personal care & Neways)

Facial cleansing, microderm abrasion, massage, manicure, pore cleansing, reducing, body cleansing, skin anti-aging, reduce stretch marks, reduce wrinkles-circles-lines, skin lightning, skin brightening, skin enhancing, moisture replenishment, various lotions and creams

Product page 4 (Neways - complete product list)

Mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair products, shaving gel, bubblebath, nutritionals, deodorant, powders, skin care products, tanning products, reducing products, aromatherapy oils & diffuser, cosmetics, household products - cleansers, window cleaner, detergents and pre-wash, dish soap, air freshener

Product page 5 (Waiora)

Anti-aging products, fiber (digestive health), zeolite (cellular defense), cardiosupplements, antioxidant lotion and serum, immune support, joint health improvement

Product page 6

 Pond test kits (ammonia, pH, etc), pond water treatment products.

Product page 7

 Pond liner repair kit, nets, filters, food, barley straw pads & floaters

Product page 8 (ponds)


Product page 9 (hypnotherapy)

Hypnotherapy for personal growth, spiritual growth, improving health, reducing fears and anxieties.

Product page 10 (saunas)

Four sizes of portable saunas with accessories.

Product page 11 (Neways)

Nutritionals & laundry products.  Products for pets.

Product page 12 (Yardbirds)

Water features to attract birds to your yard.  Bird bath, mister, trellis, sprinkler, waterfall, dripper, cleaner.

Fantastic showerhead







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