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One Person (42 inch) Sauna
One Person (42 inch) Sauna

One person sauna                                               Sauna Assembly

 Dimensions:                 42" x 42.5"D x 72"H

 Voltage:                       115-volt/1141watt/10amp

 Theramitters:               7

 SoftTouchControls:     One external Digital 
   TheraHeat™ control

TheraSauna™ Technology
3 Year Warranty 
Priced at
(MSRP $4261.00)

Freight Paid 
  within Continental United States

Easy-to-Assemble Handcrafted Cabinet

60-watt light with Dimmer             
Skylight Vent                                One Window
Plugs into any 120-volt outlet


Orig.: $4,261.00
Sale: $3,220.00

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Prices quoted include delivery charges.  Details about delivery will be sent to you immediately after your order so that any issues may be addressed.

Warranty Registration

All of our TheraMitters are backed with a lifetime warranty. Our Warranty Registration Form is available online - simply complete the form and your new TheraSauna will be registered to benefit from the protection of our warranty. See your Owner's Manual for complete warranty details.

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