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Testimonials from SOTA brochure dated Aug 2009  

I have a new life today because I found a way to help my own body.  There's been nothing for over 30 years that's made me feel like I am taking back my life until I started using this.  I feel clearer and more energetic because of the Silver Pulser and Magnetic Pulser.

Wayne LeBlanc, WA, USA


My husband and I now have the Water Ozonator, and from the first drink, I could feel the life-giving energy.  I praise God that you are here to help me and others.

Rose Elliot, CA, USA

When I started drinking ozonated water I felt better almost immediately.  The difference was quite dramatic.

Paul Holloway, UK

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My Magnetic Pulser has been a great boon and I would be very unhappy if I did not have it.  It has contributed greatly to my life.  Keep up your great work!


I am so grateful to have the Magnetic Pulser to help with so many different conditions in my family.  Thank you very much SOTA!



Testimonials from:  magnapak-magnetic-mattress-health-therapy.com newsletter #16 dated Sep 2003


Magnetic Bracelet - Magnaband Ultra


Just wanted to let you know that I was a major skeptic. I have been a chair-side dental assistant for 34 years and sit with the suction in one hand and the air/water syringe in the other hand all day long and then I go home and crochet for on an average of 2 hours a night. Well, my hands were really beginning to give me a lot of pain and the whole carpal tunnel thing and surgery was not at all appealing to me so I thought "what the heck" I'll try a magnetic bracelet and see. Well...I only bought one and put it on my right wrist because why would I want to waste my money on two if it didn't work. I didn't notice any change for 24 hours but then I began to notice that I was having less pain. Could it be? Well, let's just say I'll soon be getting one for the other wrist and I'm going to get my husband the magnetic shoe cushions since he is on his feet all day long and comes home in such pain! I'll be ordering soon...maybe even today.




Magnetic Black Onyx Necklace


 I am a retired schoolteacher and have suffered for years with tension and pain in my neck and shoulders. Someone told me about the magnetic necklace and I decided to try it. I purchased the 24” large black bead necklace not caring about the feminine appearance as long as it worked. Well, it did work and I now wear it all the time even in the dressing room when I play hockey. I am not shy about it anymore because of the great relief it offers. I also notice a difference in my golf game as I now have a much looser swing and a better score. B.Y. Ontario



Magnetic Insoles


I ordered the Sole Mates magnetic shoe inserts, upon a request from a dear friend of mine that listens to you on the radio. Well I told her I would try them, but was at my wit’s end to try anything else. I have had tarsal tunnel syndrome in both feet since 1996 and surgery will not help me due to nerve damage. I have had insoles before with magnetics and it did not do a thing for me. She told me this was different, because of the North and South pole deal. Well I have worn these night and day for 3 days and noticed tonight the soreness in my feet and legs are almost gone. Just with this comfort I am impressed. I pray one day I can quit all medicines and can once again take walks and do my normal household and yard duties. Thanks for this product. I now want my friends to know about you.



South Pole Magnetic Insoles


The South Pole insoles are helping the diabetic neuropathy. My feet were totally dead but now I can feel tingles and a little burning. B. P. Baffin Island



Magna-Pad - 4” x 5” Magnetic Pad– (Sold in many pharmacies and health food stores in Canada)


I’m on the list for hip replacement. Since attaching the magnet to the hip I have been relieved of a great deal of pain. I am also taking less Tylenol daily.  M.L Ontario.


Note. In Ontario Provincial Medicare pays medical procedures but there is generally a waiting list.


I have had your magna pad for 15 years for back problems and have just ordered a new one. B.B Ontario


This item purchased for 80+ year old lady who fractured hip and elbow. She reports the magnet very helpful in controlling the pain experienced. Thank You. M.M. Ontario


Sore hip from too much digging, gone after 4 hours use. V.M. Ontario


When I ordered a bracelet from you, you included a free 4” x 5” magnetic pad. I really like it. I wear it under a brace bandage for a knee problem. K.K.


I find with the magnet pads I get soothing relief from back pains. H.H. Ontario


Spot magnets


I had been bothered with a very stiff neck for 3 months.  It was suggested that I place small ceramic magnets over the acupuncture points in the affected area. To my astonishment and delight within 4 hours the area within 2 inches of each magnet turned the once taunt muscle into mush. Finally the muscle relaxed and I was pain free. It was remarkable. M.R. Ontario



Magna-Flow - Fuel Treatment


I recently sold my 2000 Dodge Van, which had a magnetic fuel conditioner installed.  I originally drove it for 6 weeks and checked on the fuel economy before installing the magnetic fuel conditioner.  I drove it for 3 ½ years and recently bought a new van. When I sold the 2000 van I had to have an emissions test done, which is the law here in Ontario. The government supervises the process.  We were all (myself, the Dodge dealership and the buyer) amazed at the test results after 112,000k  (70,000 miles).


These were the test results:  (tested on a dynamometer @ 40 km/h)


HC - Hydrocarbon emission     - Allowed limit - 60 ppm   - test result - 16 ppm

CO - Carbon Monoxide emission  - Allowed limit - 0.34  %  - test result - 0.00  %

NO - Nitric Oxide emission  - Allowed limit - 0664 ppm - test result - 134 ppm


In addition to the extra clean combustion system resulting in the clean test result, I enjoyed an average 12% decrease in fuel consumption compared to the fuel consumption before the magnetic unit was installed.  F.J. – Ontario  Report in pdf file



Magna-Flow – Water Treatment


I ordered a set of 3 Magna-Flow magnets for my water system - and I'll be damned if this stuff doesn't work!!! In the past few weeks, I am noticing chunks of white crystals coming out of my faucets - and you can also tell a distinct difference in the flow and clarity of the water coming out of the faucets. The water has an oily kind of "sheen" - I assume this is because of the crystallized matrix of the water ...anyway! Wow! Why the hell can't scientists figure out what is so obvious! Of course magnets work!  I imagine because of the crystallized matrix of magnetized water, the solubility of the water increases to hold more contaminants in solution. This isn't rocket science - why is there such a debate? Why doesn't anyone just do scientific tests and end the debate of this magnet stuff? Anyway - thank you - you have a great product. A.X. Alaska



Electro-Clear – Water Treatment


About the first improvement that I could actually see in my water, was that when I washed my car a couple of weeks ago, after all the snow and road salt was on it, I didn't see any water stains like I had before, when I washed my cars. And, I actually felt like the water tasted better; a little bit lighter tasting. Not as thick tasting. And, in the shower, I felt the water to be somewhat softer, and when I washed my hair, it seemed like I got a better lather and suds than before. I also cleaned all the hard water, brown stains off the bottom of the shower floor. And, I don't believe the floor is going to stain up as bad as it did before. At first, I thought, am I really seeing all these results, or is it that I just want to see some improvement, therefore, I'm fooling myself. Nope. I really think this Electro Clear unit works! I think Magna-Pak has a winner in the Electro Clear!!  Thanks again for your help! 


Sincerely, B. M. a satisfied Electro Clear owner.


Protex Ion Shield


My husband has COPD and was out of breath after just walking a short distance. I  had him try strong a magnet to be worn on his sternum. After wearing the magnet for about 10 min. he was told to walk the same distance and back again.  Not one bit out of breath.  Has been wearing it ever since and now spilts large rounds of wood each day to exercise his lungs  and he
has with no problem with breathing.  He has been wearing this magnet for about 4 years.


Magnetic Drinking Water


I drink about 2 gallons of bipolar water a day and have for the past two years. Interestingly enough I have experienced about an 80% decrease in dental tartar (which of course is bacteria, saliva, food and calcium as the bonding agent). The lower surface tension of the water I assume is responsible for the re-absorption of the calcium. An unexpected benefit (I think) from drinking the water may be its effect on dissolving calcium within the cardiovascular system. I recently had a CAT scan that showed zero calcium in my vascular system. This was a surprising result since I have chronic high cholesterol (280+) and am 59 years old. The doctor was amazed. Of course, when I told him my theory about the magnetically treated water, I got a blank look. D. D. Texas





As you know when I first saw you I was virtually crippled with bone spurs under both heels. I had been under a doctor’s care for several months and after a series of drugs he told me that surgery was the only answer. You fitted me with the heel pads and after some three weeks I was able to walk normally again without pain. I have kept those heel pads in my shoes ever since and have had no further discomfort. Reverend G.D. Ontario (1986)




 The opinions stated are the views of HealingRainbows and do not represent the opinion of SOTA Instruments. The SOTA units are consumer products designed for relaxation, well-being and to complement a healthy lifestyle. The SOTA units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. The use, safety or effectiveness of the SOTA units, has not been approved by any government agency. Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition. Results are not typical.






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