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We have searched the internet to find better sources of all natural, organic products and we are pleased to have
found the following.  Some of the hard-to-find products which are available on these sites are listed below:

Balance Ball Chair

Based on customer comments sent in nearly every
week, it appears a quiet revolution is slowly taking
over the conventional office chair set-up.

Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets

Woven from exceptionally soft and durable 100%
organic cotton, the 250-thread count Organic
Cotton Sateen Sheets pamper your body in
silky-smooth comfort.

Spinning Composter

Compact enough to store on a balcony or patio
our Spinning Composter is the ideal choice
for urban settings.


Proven to improve breathing in just four weeks with
regular use (a few minutes twice daily),these are the
most versatile, effective inspirators available.

TruColor Table or Standing Lamp

TrueColor Table and Floor Lamps with
TrueColor Bulbs provide sunshine-like
illumination for reading and other tasks.

Small Slate Fountain

Rock, copper and slate combine to create a
relaxing water cascade. The handcrafted
Mini Slate Fountain creates peace in any
room for renewal and mediation.

Inner Peace Sculpture

The beautiful shape and quality craftsmanship
of this lovely sculpture serves as a gentle
reminder to find inner peace and balance
throughout the day.


Yoga or exercise related:                                    

   Yoga top

   Yoga Yoga for Beginners Kit

   Nonslip Mitts

   Yoga Now Infomercial DVD

   Yoga Weight Loss Kit

   Yoga Conditioning for Life Set

   Budokon Beginning Practice DVD

   Elliptical Trainer

   Pilates BodyCircles Kit

   Mandala Print Yoga Mat

   Maxwell Mat Bag

   Miracle Ball Method

   Real-EASE Relaxation Tool

   Yoga Essentials Bricks

   Balance Ball Beginners Kit


Natural clothing

   Organic Cotton Terry Robe

   Yoga Pant

    Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Pajamas




Natural Home Fashions

   Organic Cotton Towel Set

   2-Ply Bathroom Tissue

   Countertop Bag Dryer

   Organic Cotton Fireside Throw

   Brown Paper Towels

   Dryer Balls

   Hand Loomed Mat Bag

   Static Eliminator

   Recycled Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Rug

   Multi-striped Organic Cotton Towels

   Facial Tissue

   Evolon Allergy Mattress Encasement

   Embroidered Cross Organic Cotton Towels

   Organic Cotton Bath Rug

   Organic Cotton Percale Duvet Cover


Natural Lighting from Gaiam.com


   Earthlight bulb

   Horizon Combo Fluorescent Torchiere

   Natural Spectrum Lamps

   Mini Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb

   20,000 Hour Outdoor Flood Light

   20,000 Hour Natural Daylight Bulb

   Deluxe Stainless Yard Light

   HappyLite Deluxe Light Bath



Outdoor Furniture

   Natural Furnishing

   Cypress Roll Out Deck

    Folding Table

    Folding Chair

    Rocking Chair

    Cedar Foldaway Adirondack Chair

    Cedar Adirondack Ottoman

    Flex-Arm BedLounge

    Rattan Meditation Chair



Message from ASQ Section 1128 (Tidewater Section) Certification Chair.

Proctors needed for ASQ certification exams on the following dates:

December 4, 2010
March 5, 2011
June 4, 2011
October 1, 2011

Earn Recertification Units: Chief Proctor earns one recertification unit for each exam date.  Assistant Proctor earns one-half recertification unit.  
The Chief Proctor is responsible for receipt, safeguarding, administration, and return of exam materials.   The Assistant Proctor helps with the administration of the exams on exam day.

Note: Proctors are not permitted to take any exam for a period of twelve months from the date they proctor the exam.  
They are also not permitted to teach Body of Knowledge material from those exams for a period of twelve months.

If you have an interest in proctoring an exam, contact Dan Mussatti at:
Indicate your preferred dates and your preference to be Chief Proctor or Assistant Proctor.

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