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Neways products can not be found on the shelf in your grocery or department store and you will not see advertisements on television and in magazines to the extent that most products are shown. Instead, Neways International markets its products through a set of independent distributors using a system often known as "Network Marketing".  The money which would have been put into advertising (a VERY large amount of money) has been put into the products instead. As you have seen, Neways has opted to use the more expensive, but safer components in products which drives up the individual prices. In network marketing, you, the customer, are "signed up" as a customer of a particular distributor.  This constitutes no further obligation on the part of the customer for future orders, and no products will be shipped to you unless specifically ordered by you.  It simply establishes you as a customer of Neways through us, rather than another Neways distributor.

Any customer placing orders with us--by phone, mail order, or website--will be signed up as a Neways Preferred Customer unless one of the following is true:

1.  You specifically request in the comments section that you do NOT want to be a Neways Preferred Customer.  This is entirely your option, and is not a requirement for you to order from this site.  There is no membership or any other status necessary to order through us.
2.  You are already a Preferred Customer with another distributor.  In this case, the product will be drop-shipped to you by us, although taxes on the retail value of the product may apply (see benefits below).
3.  You are already a Preferred Customer with us.  In this case, the order will be processed under your Preferred Customer number, and full benefits apply.

Benefits of being a Preferred Customer

1.  If your state charges sales tax on the items purchased (not all states charge sales tax, and some states do not charge sales tax on certain items), then you pay only the sales tax on the WHOLESALE VALUE of the products (the prices shown on our website).  However, If the order is drop-shipped to you (not being a Preferred Customer), your state will collect sales taxes on the retail value of the product(Note that any sales taxes shown on our website are estimates only--local options may apply.)

2.  Once you have been given a Preferred Customer number by Neways, you may place future orders directly with Neways by calling 1-800-998-7283 and giving them your ID number.  (If you do not have your customer ID number from a previous invoice, it is often the last 6 digit of the phone number you used when you placed your original order.)

Agreement of a Preferred Customer

I herby submit Application for membership in the Preferred Customer Purchase Club.  I understand that this application does not constitute a Neways Distributorship, and that future purchases may be made through us, or through Neways directly by calling their order line at 800-998-7283.  If at any time I wish to become a Neways Distributor, I may submit a Distributor Application.

Defective Product Notification:  If a product is defective, I agree to notify the distributor in writing within 10 days of purchase, at which time, the Customer Refund Policy found on the back of a Retail Order Form will be honored in a prompt and courteous manner.  We will follow the Neways refund and return policy for damaged or defective products.

Damaged Product:  If my shipment arrives in less than satisfactory condition, I will alert the delivery man and call the carrier immediately to advise or refuse the shipment.  It is my responsibility as a Preferred Customer to verify the condition of each shipment upon receipt.  In the case of missing items, extra items, and/or damaged items that cannot be attributed to the carrier(s) involved, the Sponsor should be called within 10 days.

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