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General Questions

Why should I choose NEWAYS products over name brand products? Choose NEWAYS products over name brand products because most all Name brand, and mass produced personal care products, are produced with inferior ingredients and may include ingredients that may harm you. NEWAYS has made the commitment not to include these ingredients and, at the very least, NEWAYS products will do no harm. In addition to this commitment, NEWAYS has researched to find and develop effective and safe ingredients for your personal care products and has worked diligently to develop the finest, safest products available today. Products that meld the best in modern biochemistry and traditional herbology; products that are safe for you and your children. How have we done this? By choosing the highest quality, natural botanical extracts and other state-of-the-art ingredients because they are safe and effective-not because they are cheap to buy or easily obtainable, as is too common in the personal care industry. From one name brand lotion or shampoo to another, you will find an almost identical listing of ingredients on the label, including many we consider potentially harmful.

What are some of the potentially harmful ingredients that I should be looking for in the products that I use? Albumin, Alcohol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Aluminum, Animal Fat, Bentonite, Collagen, Dioxins, Elastin of High Molecular Weight, Fluorocarbons, Formaldehyde, Glycerin, Kaolin, Lanolin, Large Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Lauramide (DEA), Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Placental Extract, Propylene Glycol, Royal Bee Jelly, Sodium Chloride(Salt-NaCI), Seeweed, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Talc, and Tyrosine.

What is your most popular product?

Maximol Solutions. Maximol Solutions is an organic submicroscopic microcolloidal solution with a complete lineup of 67 essential and trace minerals, 17 essential vitamins, 21 amino acids, three enzymes, and lactobacillus acidophilus. Packed with ionized, polarized electrolytes and organic fulvic acid, Maximol Solutions provides the best mineral bioavailability for your mineral-deprived system.       Product Details for Neways Maximol Solutions


Do you have a product that contains HGH? Nature's ScienCeuticals has formulated Biogevity (Product Details for Biogevity), a growth hormone supplement straight from nature's plants laboratory. We also have another product Renu (Product details for Neways Renu), which helps the body to make HGH.

Can I use Eliminator as a deodorizer? Yes, Eliminator has more uses than just being a great mouthwash. It can be used for deodorizing pet accidents, removing odors from a thermos, soothing sunburns, and keeping vegetables fresher.

What makes your cosmetics better than everyone else's? Traditional cosmetics contain ingredients that can suffocate or harm the skin. Leslie Dee Ann Color Cosmetics contain ingredients that do not harm the skin but nourish it. Plus people with sensitive skin can use this product.

Do you have any products that include Ginseng? All of the following products contain ginseng:  Einstein, Emperor's Formula,  Refresh, Skin Enhancer, Snap Back, and Super Booster.

Do you have household cleansers and if so are they environmentally safe? Yes, we have a product line called NewBrite. NewBrite products provide a healthier approach to cleaning. This highly concentrated line of household cleaners and air fresheners make cleaning quicker and safer for both the user and the environment.

Why is my product a different color than it was before? Neways is always upgrading formulations to maintain cutting edge, superior formulations. Also, many herbs in our nutritional line will always vary in color depending on the harvest and time of the year.  Some products affected include:.Roil Oil, Sassy, Wrinkle Guard

Can we come to Neways and pick up orders? We recommend that you do not pick up your orders. We are not set up for that. It is easier for us to ship it out to you.

Do you make a skin moisturizer? Yes we do, It is called Skin Enhancer. Skin Enhancer is a deep skin moisturizer and UV skin protector. It also contains an ingredient called SOD. SOD helps the body heal the skin. We also have Retention Plus, with ceramide 6, vitamins C and E for skin rejunvenation, and wrinkle reduction.

Do you have hair care products for thinning hair? We have a product line called 2nd chance, it consists of a shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo's deep cleansing action removes oil, soil, and sebum deposits from hair follicles without damaging thinning hair. The conditioner has special emulsifiers that effectively remove sebum and soil for a cleaner, healthier looking scalp and thicker, fuller hair.

Do you make a diet products? Yes we do, we have a product line called Slender Body. Slender body is weight watcher's alternative to ineffective crash dieting. This extensive body contouring system supports effective weight management from aromatic appetite control to slenderizing massage creams. We also have herbal supplements: Curb which helps dietary deficiencies and curb excessive hunger, Chitosorb a weight management supplement which may easily remove waste up to 12 times its weight in unwanted caloric substance normally deposited on your waist, hips, and thighs, Thinyu which helps the body's ability to manage fat while supplying herbal nutrients that may help suppress the appetite, and Citrate a breakthrough weight management supplement which assists the body in enhancing its fat-burning levels and aids appetite control.

Does your deodorant contain aluminum? No, our deodorant includes only products which are shown to NOT cause harm to the body.

Will your shampoo's and hairspray's strip my hair of essential vitamins it needs? No, they will not.

Do you have a product for arthritis, fibromaylgia, lupus? Yes, we have several products that combat these diseases.  One is cetyl myristoleate (Cetyl Mobility) which contains oil compounds and bovine colustrum to replace the synovial fluid lost in the joints. Our other product for arthritis contains, MSM (a sulfur compound) and Cat's Claw.  We also have Glucosamine, and Alfalfa.  Now we have a sports cream with MSM in it for sore muscles and joints.

Do you have Anti Aging Products?

We have the premier formulation for anti aging, Biogevity.  It is from the Lurong Plant, and has colostrum, ginkgo biloba and Vitamin C(ascorbic acid). 

Endau progesterone cream for Men and  Women  is enriched with wild yam extract to maintain balance hormonal levels. Formulated from Dr. John Lee's formulations.

DHEA with OXO7 We also have Youthinal containing  DHEA, which helps promote healthy muscle mass, normal immune system function and cardiovascular health, also contributes to healthy metabolic rates and enhanced feelings of libido.

Antioxidants: We also have Cascading Revenol. A major antioxidant formulation that supports the body by binding to free radical molecules and neutralizing them. More than 20 antioxidants combine, including white pine bark, grape seed extract, esterfied vitamin C, beta carotene, ellagic acid extract, vitamin E and ginkgo biloba, which assist the body's absorption of these powerful antioxidants, which can help you look and feel younger.

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