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Personal Presence
Stop Hiding Behind Sarcasm
Enjoy a Range of Foods
Depend on Yourself
Fitness in Motherhood
Backstabber Betrayal
PPE Claustrophobia Relief   - free !!
Outside Looking In?
Stop Chasing Unavailable Women
Try Something New - Kids
Stay Calm in Difficult Times   - free !!



Spiritual Growth:

  • Tapping into Your Measure of Faith
  • Improving Bible Understanding
  • Incorporating God in Your Daily Life

Personal Growth:

  • Building Abundance
  • Accepting Love
  • Improving Memory
  • Balancing Assertiveness
  • Building Self Confidence
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Healing the Past

Improved Health:

  • Affirmations for Weight Loss
  • Reducing Back Pain
  • Finding Relief from Asthma
  • Finding Relief from Allergies
  • Learn to love Vegetables
  • Stop Smoking
  • Motivation to Exercise

Fears and Anxieties:

  • General Overcoming of Fears
  • General Anxiety Relief
  • Fear of Thunderstorms
  • Fear of Flying
  • Scared of the Dentist
  • Anxiety over Exams
  • Fear of New Places
  • Anxiety/Fear of Interviews
  • Fear of Spiders





Each CD/cassette is delivered with an introductory, relaxation section.  When listening to the CD/cassette, this introductory section may lead you into the sleep state.  Many listeners never even remember hearing the script which follows this section, because they have fallen asleep.  This is fine.  The desired effect is achieved whether one is sleeping, awake or nodding-off.  If you want to ensure that you hear the actual script at least once, play the CD but don't listen to the introduction.  You should find that you have no trouble staying awake.

The introduction uses guided imagery to help you relax.  A typical introduction might have you imagine that you see a bright light, feel its warmth, notice its effect on each part of your body, etc.  Because each of us has personal preferences, fears, or dislikes, we ask you to choose which introduction you would like to have on the CD/cassette - ocean or mountain imagery.  If you enjoy going to the beach, you would probably be able to relax with the ocean imagery.


Scripts are available on either Cassette or CD at this time (future downloadable versions are being considered.

Multiple CD (or cassette) products will shortly be available for areas which have proven to require more extensive work (smoking, weight loss) and also for some related scripts (where a customer would often want more than one - such as Spiritual Growth or Personal Growth).







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