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SOTA  is no longer allowing online retail sales of their products from sites other than their own.!!!    SOTA products will no longer be listed on this site after Feb 15, 2014
 Get a 10% discount at their site:  CLICK for DETAILS  on our EXTRA REBATE.  Call or email to discuss your concerns..        

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NOTE:  Magnets and other forms of magnetic therapy help with pain.  Pain has a purpose - it alerts us to a problem.  Be sure that any problem is being correctly treated (consult your physician).  Do not assume that because the pain is better that the problem is also better.
  •  Magnetic Pulser  $325  GO   VIDEO
  •  Light Works          $299 GO    VIDEO
  •  Brain Tuner          $209  GO   VIDEO
  • Water Ozonator    $325  GO   VIDEO
  • Silver Pulser         $230  GO   VIDEO

Magnetic necklaces and pendants are often used for ailments centering in the chest area.  Uses include: 

  • circulation in the neck and arms
  • brain circulation (a north pole necklace) - weak memory
  • high cholesterol (stimulates the thyroid area) also hypothyroidism
  • dermatitis from stress (psoriasis, eczema)
  • headaches, migraines, nervous tension or ulcers from stress and tension
  • balance the body during and after exposure to electromagnetic pollution or any other kind of magnetic disturbance

Neodymium Magnet 6-Disk Set
Orig.: $26.00
Sale: $19.00
Magnetic Bracelet with Black Onyx
Orig.: $32.95
Sale: $24.95
Acupuncture Point Finder
Orig.: $159.99
Sale: $145.00
Protex-Ion Shield (Environmental)
Orig.: $14.95
Sale: $11.95
Neodymium Disk Magnet
Orig.: $40.00
Sale: $35.00
Encased Ceramic Block Magnet (2 inch)
Orig.: $59.00
Sale: $43.00
Magnetic Insoles
Orig.: $39.95
Sale: $34.95
MagnaSole Magnetic Insoles
Orig.: $36.95
Sale: $31.95
Foot Braces
Orig.: $23.95
Sale: $19.95
Magnetic Cat Collar (small dog)
Orig.: $17.00
Sale: $14.00
Magnetic Dog Collar
Orig.: $19.95
Sale: $16.95
Magnetic Back Belt
Orig.: $44.95
Sale: $37.95
North Elbow Warmer
Orig.: $34.95
Sale: $29.95
Magnetic Knee Warmer - North Pole
Orig.: $34.95
Sale: $29.95
Magnetic Neck Support
Orig.: $19.95
Sale: $15.95
Magnetic Knee Support
Orig.: $27.95
Sale: $22.95
Magnetic Elbow Support
Orig.: $23.95
Sale: $19.95
Magnetic Wrist Support
Orig.: $19.99
Sale: $16.95
Magnetic Head Band
Orig.: $19.95
Sale: $16.95
Magnetic Shoulder Pad
Orig.: $38.95
Sale: $33.95
Magnetic Lumbar Pad 7" x 9"
Orig.: $24.95
Sale: $19.95
Magnetic Sleep Mask
Orig.: $28.95
Sale: $23.95
Flexible Magnetic Therapy Pad 5" x 8"
Orig.: $19.95
Sale: $16.95
Magnetic Therapy Pad 7" x 9"
Orig.: $19.95
Sale: $16.95
Flexible Magnetic Therapy Pad 5" x 8"
Orig.: $14.95
Sale: $12.95
Flexible Magnetic Therapy Pad 4" x 5"
Orig.: $13.95
Sale: $11.95
Flexible Magnetic Treatment Pad 4" x 5"
Orig.: $9.95
Sale: $7.95
Magnetic First Aid Kit
Orig.: $19.95
Sale: $16.95
Neo-Mag 12,000 Spot Magnets
Orig.: $18.95
Sale: $16.95
Magnetic Beauty Mask
Orig.: $69.00
Sale: $49.00
Magna Car Seat
Orig.: $119.00
Sale: $99.00


Confused?  You can still get  discounted SOTA products -  directly - CLICK HERE or call 1-800-224-0242 and give code: CA50026.  When you click the link above, select the option to join the SOTA community and then follow the instructions shown to you.

 After you receive your products from SOTA, send a copy of your receipt to our mailing address and get a rebate !  See details HERE.

The opinions stated are the views of HealingRainbows and do not represent the opinion of SOTA Instruments. The SOTA units are consumer products designed for relaxation, well-being and to complement a healthy lifestyle. The SOTA units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. The use, safety or effectiveness of the SOTA units, has not been approved by any government agency. Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition. Results are not typical.


Click here for an explanation of the differences between the Silver Pulser, the Zapper, and the Magnetic Pulse Generator.

Making your own Silver Pulser - thoughts and links:


Please note that the SOTA silver pulser does two main things (is a dual device) - it generates colloidal silver AND it is a blood purifier.  Instructions online usually have you making one or the other of these.  If you can not afford the SOTA unit (SP5), you may still be able to locate the SP lite - some people still have these for sale even though SOTA is not selling them anymore (they are smaller and have a shorter warranty).

Any device that you make yourself, is totally at your own risk.  If you come to harm from using it, nobody is liable except yourself - the components you use and the skills you have to execute the plan are both risks. 
If your goal is to make silver water at home (and you don't mind buying a device to do that) you probably just want to buy the SOTA silver pulser.  This saves a lot of money if you have been buying premade silver water.


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