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Barley Straw

In the Middle Ages sheaves of corn were ceremonially thrown into village ponds and wells to ensure the purity of the water. More recently farmers have found, often by accident, that a bale of straw in the farm pond keeps it clear. Research over fifteen years at the Centre for Aquatic Plant Management, an outstation of The Institute of Arable Crop Research at Long Ashton, has proved the effectiveness of barley straw in keeping pond water clear.

Pond Pads and Pond Strip have been developed to provide a natural, chemical free solution to clarity in ponds. Made from a matting of barley straw and natural cotton netting, Pond Pads have a large surface area allowing easy access of water and oxygen to the straw and free release of natural compounds. Since they are cut from a wide sheet of matting, there are many open ends of straw all round the edges of each Pond Pad which allows water to penetrate into the hollow stems, greatly speeding the breakdown process. Soluble carbohydrates released from the surface of the straw act on the monocellular green water algae causing them to clump together (flocculate) and sink to the bottom of the pond. In this way green water is often cleared in just a few days. Making the best use of the oxygen in water, safe aerobic decomposition is assured and the natural compounds which keep ponds clear are released into the water. The process continues for about six months giving long term protection.

Positioning Pond Pads

It is important to position the Pond Pad so that the natural compounds released during breakdown can reach all areas of the pond. In the case of a natural pond, without pumped circulation, it should be near the middle. Where there is a flow, place the Pond Pad close to the water inlet, fountain or waterfall and the Floater will keep the Pond Pad in this optimal position.

Inspection and Replacement of Pond Pads

The rate of decomposition of Pond Pads depends on many factors including the ambient temperature. The Floater can be lifted briefly from the pond to enable the Pond Pad to be examined and replaced as necessary.

Fun and Games:  Some egocentric fish believe that Pond pads are toys, specially invented for them to play with. Should you wish to discourage their games, then the Floater will do that for you!




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