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Nature brings healing in many forms and the song of birds is one of her more soothing voices. Here we try to meet the needs of bird-watching enthusiasts who want to attract a greater variety of songbirds to their backyards. Here you will find natural and attractive water sources that focus on moving water and are designed to sit on the ground because that is where birds find water in the wild and thus attracts more birds.

Our bird ponds and baths are proven to significantly outperform conventional pedestal bird baths. Our full line of products will not only bring more birds to your yard, but by creating a backyard habitat, you'll be making a positive contribution to the enviroment that you and the songbirds will be able to enjoy season after season.

Moving water is an important aspect - that is why our bird ponds and baths come with a pump, dripper, mister or a combination of the three. Our products are produced using only the highest quality materials, are very easy to install and come with complete instructions to insure success. We have a steadfast commitment to quality and will replace any defective item or refund your money if you aren't completely satisfied.

Because we are very concerned with the steadily increasing loss of natural habitat, we contribute a portion of our sales revenue to conservation organizations dedicated to preserving natural areas, especially tropical rainforests.


Morning Water Bird Bath with Dripper
Morning Water Bird Bath with Dripper

6 foot tall sectional shepherd's staff, lock on bird bath with beautiful copper finish.

Orig.: $129.95
Sale: $109.00

Guides for Use and Assembly:

 Dripper on a Pedestal   

Dripper and Feather Mister Combo

 Feather Mister Dripper on a Rock Base Morning Waters Dripper All Season's Birdbath with Dripper Hollow Waterfall with Rock





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